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During my Dallas, Texas tour to appear at the #UTA University Crossroads Scholarship Banquet, I spent time with the media and had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed by Dallas/Ft Worth’s leadling lady in radio, Ana Cruz! Ana Cruz not only welcomed me to La Grande 107.5FM with open arms but spent a great amount of time interviewing me and I am very grateful to her and the staff at CBS Radio/La Grande 107.5FM.  Click here to hear my interview!  Gracias Ana Cruz! For media interviews and appearances contact my Publicist/Digital Strategist, Rikki Rincon at Creative Juice Online, 214-549-1201.


I want to thank the wonderful team at Informate DFW Magazine in Dallas, Texas that interviwed me while I visited for the Dallas International Film Festival.  I want to thank the great staff at the NYLO Southside Hotel for allowing this interview, we loved that place too!  Read full story here at To request an interview please contact my publicist Rikki Rincon at Creative Juice Online at 214-549-1201.